My Fleet

Skoda Superb 1,9TDI 2005

The first new car I ever bought from a delaership. In addition, it was also clearly the most practical of the cars I have ever owned. It was the “performance” model with a 1,9 TDI engine that produced 128 bhp, more than the standard versions of 99/104/114 bhp; this could also be recognised from the “1,9 TDI” sign on the trunk, where “DI” was written in red instead of black!

The Superb took barely any fuel, at least by my standards – I remember reaching 4,1 litres to 100km (60 miles to the gallon) on the highway, which is a very good result, particularly for a big saloon over 10 years ago! At the time no electrical cars were available; the first hybrids had hit the market, but they weren’t that popular in Europe. In those days, diesel cars had a much more significant fuel efficiency sales argument than the diesels of today, when electrical and hybrid cars are widely available and evolution in technology and the application of the start-stop system has made petrol engines much less thirstry.

Skoda Superb first generation 1,9 tdi
My Skoda Superb 1,9 TDI was black

Superb was really big, particularly in length – perceptually, it beat the L models of the A8, S-Class or 7-Series. I’m not saying this was so if one were to measure the exact distance between the front and rear seatbacks with centimeter accuracy – I have never compared these measurements that precisely – but as Superb had the width of a regular medium-sized sedan, yet was significantly longer, the rear left a particularly limo-like impression.

As a downside, engine noises could clearly be heard in the car, which couldn’t have been due to the diesel engine on my Superb – I have also driven the petrol version of the 2005 model, and encountered a similar problem. Furthermore, this noise could be heard not through the windows, but rather directly from underneath the dashboard!