My Fleet

Subaru Impreza WRX Prodrive 2001

A second-generation Subaru Impreza WRX became the next car in my fleet. Though it was the WRX model and not the STI, it had the Prodrive exhaust system as well as WRC-style front lights installed, which made it look more like a real rally car. Due to the replaced exhaust it was a very noisy car – I couldnt rev over 2000 rpm and talk over the phone or to a passenger at the same time. And unlike the previous Impreza GT, which I owned alongside a daily car, this Impreza WRX was one I used every day!

Subaru Impreza WRX on a rally stage
Believe me – it looks faster than it was :)

I continued participating in standard rally competitions with the Impreza WRX, but much less frequently than with the previous Impreza GT, for various reasons. Firstly, my schedule got tighter as I got involved in the time/money-consuming project called “building a house” – although I didn’t screw in every nut and bolt myself, coordinating the construction still took up a lot of my time and attention. My codriver also became increasingly busy and more often than not was unavailable for rallying. Finally, I often felt that the Impreza WRX was too new and nice a car for driving at high speeds on gravel roads, where things sometimes can – and usually will – happen. The car wasn’t exactly fresh out of the dealership, but it was still very new when I bought it, a completely accident-free rally car with no scratches or marks anywhere on the body.

In summary – the Impreza WRX was a car I used mostly for driving in the city rather than on slippery roads in bad conditions, which is what Subaru engineers had designed it for in the first place.