My Fleet

Mercedes Benz S350TD W140 1994

Next in the lineup – the W140 turbodiesel-powered Merc. I bought it from a good friend of mine and thus I was confident about the car’s condition, as like me he is quite the enthusiast and takes good care of his cars.

I took quite a few cross-border roadtrips in this car. With a friend, we travelled around Germany, Italy, and France, with a final destination of Monaco; by the end of the trip, we had covered around 6000 kilometers in just two weeks. I then drove a further 2000+ kilometers with my girlfriend on a roadtrip of Norway – this was shortly after mid-summer and yet we managed to reach a latitude where the roads were fenced by the icy snow/snowy ice, which was understandably an interesting experience for people accustomed to mild European summers!

The W140 was extremely convenient to drive – with its really thick side windows, the driver and passengers could enjoy the sound of ultimate silence in the saloon. About 10 years later I owned the Lexus LS460, which at the time held the title of the quietest car on the market, but the W140 felt just as quiet. However, there was a downside to this particular car as well – as it had just the 150bhp 3,5l turbo engine from the Mercedes OM603 engine family, the two-ton car achieved a 0-100 kph (0-60 mph) acceleration of about 25 seconds. Or maybe just slightly less. Most likely there was something wrong with the turbine of my car, but I quite enjoyed the pensioner-style of smooth driving, where I kept both acceleration as well as braking to a minimum. Although I must admit that high in the Norwegian mountains, not being able to overtake wasn’t a particularly pressing problem.