Back in Black – 2016 Trends from Geneva

Brabus booth at Geneve Motor Show 2016

I was in Geneva recently and also visited Palexpo, where the 86e Salon International de l’Automobile (the 86th International Motor Show) took place. I am not a huge fan of these concept and extreme sports cars and such-like, so although the huge exhibition center was full of vehicles, there are few significant observations from my side. 

Historically, the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith haven’t exactly been my favorite models. The rear seat of the Ghost, in particular, is virtually impossible to enter without moving the front seat forward, due to its “coach” (rear-hinged) doors. However I must admit that both the Ghost and the Wraith looked just magnificent in Geneva, as they were shown with the Rolls-Royce Black Badge package.

Similarly, I have never been a big fan of the Mercedes-AMG GT, but the Brabus 600 MB AMG GT S Coupe I found in the Brabus booth – in black and with Brabus settings – got a lof of attention from me. I would even consider buying such a car one day.

After noticing this, I searched the Palexpo hall attentively for black models and discovered that many exclusive, luxury and tuning cars were represented in black. Unusually, and disproportionally, many. This is reminiscent of 10+ years ago, when the colour white rapidly gained popularity in the automotive industry. Back then, it also started from the high-value end of the spectrum – by now, it has infiltrated the full range of models. My prediction is that over the next few years we will begin to see the impact of this invasion of black much, much more!

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