TOP 8 Exclusive Car Dealerships Worth Keeping an Eye On!

Petrolhead from surfing in internetAs a true petrolhead, I don’t limit myself just to the makes and models I eventually choose for myself. From time to time I like to just randomly browse cars for sale and whilst – let’s face it – huge online marketplaces can be very useful when I know exactly what I’m looking for, there are much better options out there when you’re just looking to broaden your horizons and spend some quality time looking at offers on nice cars. Below is a list of the car dealerships (in random order) whose pages I visit every now and then.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a subsidised post; I have no connection to any of the companies listed below, nor I do have any affiliate partnerships (or such-like) with them. They don’t even know I’m writing about them yet 🙂

Auto Leitner, located in Alkmaar, Holland – offer a choice of modern high end cars, and usually some young-timers in very nice condition as well.

Super Garage in Marbella, Spain – they offer a wide range of services, from car sales to luxury car rental, car storage and detailing & modifications. From time to time I have seen some really nice offers there, both price and condition-wise. The anchor of their business seems to be car storage, at fees of 300+ euros per month, which clearly limits their customer-base to the wealthier end of the car owner spectrum. I expect that most of the cars that are for sale belong to their storage business customers, and I’d thus assume that these cars are really worth buying.

Auto Salon Singen in Germany – one of the really old companies in an exclusive car market. Located conveniently in Singen – which can almost be named as the hotspot for the exclusive car market from both the production and the potential customer-base perspective – it is based in southern Germany, close to the Swiss border. In Singen, You can have it all – modern cars, sports cars, young-timers and old-timers.

VDM Cars – located on Holland-Germany border, on the German side. They lay claim to being a young company, and in support of that I must admit that they´re very strongly represented on various social media channels, making them very easy to follow. You can find modern cars and young-timers there. And sometimes also trikes…if you happen to be interested in them.

CAN x 2 in Wiesbaden. I don’t know their exact story, but to me it seems like they represent two sides of a business divorce case. A mere 7km apart, you can find two companies – one called Automobile CAN, the other Autohaus CAN. Coincidentally, in addition to the name they even share the same building number of 64 (even though the street name is, obviously, different). They have a nice choice of mainly modern exclusive cars. I have purchased one vehicle from Automobile CAN and I’ll freely admit to it being a completely positive experience. and

Autolehmann in Moscow and Hamburg. The Moscow stock list is definitely an impressive one – it also has only partial overlap with the stock list in Hamburg. I’m not sure if this holds true for Hamburg, as my contact has largely been with the Moscow site, but I know their site offers information in English (though the links in English currently lead to an error page). From time to time the volatile ruble rate can make importing certain high-end cars from Russia a choice worth considering. and

Thijs Timmermans in Waardenburg, Holland again. Mercedes vehicles dominantly in their stock list.

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