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petrolhead logoI am Petrolhead, in my late thirties and currently living in Europe. I have been obsessed with cars and other fossil fuel-powered machines, from boats and bikes to airplanes and ATVs, for as long as I can remember.

Though the blog itself is mainly about the cars, from time to time I will also share my views and opinions on other machines which I manage get my hands on. I don’t consider myself a highly sophisticated car tester or reviewer – this ain’t my two cents. I will not thoroughly analyze different suspension modes or gear ratios, nor will You find here a comparison of Nürnburgring laptimes and such-like.  I present my views and opinions from a rather different angle. To find out what that angle is, exactly – just keep reading and figure it out for Yourself!

Feel free to contact me if You have any questions, ideas, suggestions, opinions (think deeply before You decide to criticize me!), advertising requests or business ideas.

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